Hola – I’m Meda! 

I write about my experience as:

  • A Latina in tech
  • Child of immigrants
  • Reader of primarily BIPOC books
  • Occasionally often about grief

Light stuff, I know! I’ve been writing for myself since I can remember, but on the advice of friends who get paragraph-long texts with my latest musings, I’ve been told I’m an essayist and need to share my writing 💛📚


Most Recent Blog Posts

Oh hello 2023: New year, new career

 In my 20s, I thought something was wrong with me because I switched careers many times. At one point, a friend told me, “Meda, I think that what you’re looking for does not exist.” For weeks I sat...

My first encounter with grief

Two years ago, I went from living my best life ever to the most painful year in a matter of months after losing my grandma and soul dog back to back.  Mother's Day forever changed  There's a certain...

But like why BIPOC books?

I will never forget the first time I read a story that that feature a brown girl just like me. I was listening to A Dream Called Home when all of the sudden I had to pause. Did the author read my...