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Meda's musings about her experience trying to read 100 books every year, working in tech, switching careers 100 times, all the while trying to become the latina Glennon Doyle.

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Hosts Meda Trelles and Kim Lopez talk about the things they wish they knew as first-gen Latinas. 

    Recent blog posts

    Oh hello 2023: New year, new career

     In my 20s, I thought something was wrong with me because I switched careers many times. At one point, a friend told me, “Meda, I think that what you’re looking for does not exist.” For weeks I sat...

    My first encounter with grief

    Two years ago, I went from living my best life ever to the most painful year in a matter of months after losing my grandma and soul dog back to back.  Mother's Day forever changed  There's a certain...