Episode 03 – Emily Dardaman: Her Journey Towards Finding Meaning During Tough Times

Meet Emily, an organizational purpose consultant, yeah we know, fancy! We talk about the transformative power of reading, particularly during transitional periods in life. For the control freaks out there (hi!), Emily shares some research to remind you why this is actually normal and healthy even. 

Books & Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl 
  • Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel 
  • Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
  • Researcher: Doctor Nancy Adler 

Our Guest:

Emily Dardaman

LinkedIn: Emily Dardaman

We believe that books have the power to change lives, and quite frankly – the world!

Tune in as we chat with fellow book-lovers from around the world, as they tell their stories of struggle, triumph, overcoming adversity, & more – and how reading impacted their lives.

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