List #4 – When you want to support your local library

📚 Curated by: Sam Bortle

It is National Library Week 2021!! We wanted to celebrate this week by sharing a list of ways to support your library that Sam Bortle (@samisbooked on IG) curated for us!

#1 Get A Library Card

It sounds so simple… and yet it is important to show up and get a library card.

#2 Use your library card

Check out books, DVDs, and e-content! Stream music, TV shows, and movies! Again, libraries need to show that the community is using the resources they are providing.

#3 Attend library events! 

Before you @ us — remember that libraries also hold virtual events. In fact, many libraries have events such as “Lunch with a librarian” where you can connect with a librarian and ask for recommendations and connect with other readers.

These first three are SUPER important because so much of how (public) libraries validate funding is through statistics. So the number of active users, new users, checkouts, program attendance…These are all VITAL when it comes time for libraries to advocate for themselves to their shareholders. 

#5 Advocate for your library to your elected officials! 

State and federal library associations often offer the option to enroll as an advocate. This will provide email alerts at critical times throughout the year when contacting Governors and State Legislators really matters. The New York Library Association (NYLA), for example, includes an automated tool that you can use to send pre-written advocacy letters to your representatives. The NYLA Library Advocate sign-up can be found at the American Library Association (ALA) provides a similar advocate mailing list that you can sign up for to receive action alert items and policy issues sent to your email with instructions on how to take action. The ALA’s advocate mailing list sign-up can be found here.

#6 Vote YES!

VOTE YES for the library budget! Many public libraries have public budget votes. If this is the case in your district, voting is one HUGE way to show your public support of libraries. 

#7 Show appreciation!

 Talk to us! Tell us what we’re doing well and why you appreciate us – it will MAKE OUR DAY. Also tell us where we can improve service, what kind of content, programs, and materials you’d like to see added, and anything else that we can do to better serve you! We’re PUBLIC servants and got into the work because we care. We want to be providing the BEST possible service to our communities that we can – and the best way for us to do that is through your feedback! 

We believe that books have the power to change lives, and quite frankly – the world!

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