Episode 20 – The case for audio books feat. Rene Valdez

This week’s episode is a little different. We’re not doing a deep dive on a book, instead our guest, Rene Valdez is here to make the case for audiobooks. It is common that as the year starts, you have lofty reading goals but as the months pass by you start getting behind and before you know you’re in a reading slump. We know that audiobooks can be a great way to pick up a book on the go and get out of the slump once and for all. 

Books & Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Cada que te veo, pal-pito by Lourdes Ruiz 
  • Interview of Lourdes Ruiz, queen of Albur

Our Guest:

Rene Valdez

Instagram: @latinatl

We believe that books have the power to change lives, and quite frankly – the world!

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